A quick Hyperlaspe video demonstrating a design for a fun challenge on our facebook 3shape study group. I actually really enjoyed watching this sped up so I thought I’d share it with a wider audience.

Thanks for watching!


  • Hi there,
    I hope this is a fun exercise and doesn’t relate to a true case ?
    The technician certainly did a very fine job trying to catch up the catastrophic way these implants were put in the mouth by the dentsit, who visibly had no concideration for the future construction. Unfourtunately, I dont think this case would work out for the patient, causing inflammation and infection due to disrespect of basic implantology foundamentals.
    This reflects the growing gap between dentists and labs. Historically they would work together in the same office and would communicate on a daily basis. Nower days big firms and industry has taken over the power and broken this important link between us, and this has only been getting worse since the introduction of digital dentistery and the rapid expansion of implantology. Not saying that Big buisness is bad, but we have to keep in mind that the best way to giveout great works to our patients is by continuously working hand in hand.
    Dr Mark FENTON. French West Indies.

    • Hi Mark!

      Thanks for the comment. Yes, this was just for a design challenge that we had on the 3shape study club facebook group. I wouldn’t design it this way for a real case as hygiene would be a very important concern.

      As for the placement of implants, again, nowadays with the planning and diagnostic options available to us outcomes would be much more predictable and ideal compared to this case.

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