Custom Shades…How “I” do it! Courtesy of DLN


There was a post on DLN the other day about how different techs go about taking custom shades. Shadevision, Easyshade, elab…

So I decided to throw my usual shade taking regimen into the ring. It was a pretty big hit with some of the users on the forum so I thought I’d share it with a wider audience here:

1) Get told that there’s a custom shade here
2) Sigh audibly and drop the 12 unit bridge I’m re-contouring
3) Shuffle into the custom shade area
4) Read script… (while mumbling to myself)
5) Count teeth and flip model around to face me (because even after 12 years I can’t recognize which quadrant is which in the mouth)
6) Double check patient’s first name
7) Call out patient’s name… butcher it
8) As they’re walking up, assess their age (Younger usually = A & B Shades, Older = C & D Shades)
9) Ask them how they are/ comment about the weather/ take a seat please
10) “looks like we’re doing X for you, alright, let’s take a look”
11) Dive in, elbows deep
12) Eyeball shade and grab the shade tab (usually A2)
13) F#@K… it’s not A2
14) Try 3 more shade tabs
15) …
16) Try A2 Shade Tab again… just for sh!ts and giggles
17) Bang on!
18) Start marking on script different characterizations
19) “gingival warming” “blue/grey incisal” “craze lines” “decalcification”
20) scribble it quickly in a language that can be likened to a chinese/arabic hybrid
21) “Can I see what shade you picked?”
22) …o_O
23) Hand patient the mirror
24) “I was thinking about bleaching”
25) Banghead
26) Pull out 3D shade guide
27) “Okay… so here are our bleach shade options”
28) “What’s the whitest one you’ve got?”
29) …OM1
30) “Nothing whiter?”
31) “Ma’am… the only shade whiter is KKK” (Don’t actually say that, just think it and chuckle to yourself)
32) Let’s go with that!
33) “Are you sure? Bleaching will only bring you a shade or two lighter at best, You’ll probably be an A1 when you’re all done. In fact, I think you should do the bleaching first and book an appointment to come back so I can take your shade when you’re done!”
34) “Nah… I don’t want to have to drive all the way out here again, plus, I might end up getting veneers… and an implant! I want that hollywood smile”
35) Are you sure?
36) YES, I’ve been saving up for 5 years to get this crown done, it costs a lot of money y’know. Might as well get what I want since I’m paying for it!”
37) (Think to myself: She’s never gonna get bleaching/veneers/or implants done… is she?)
38) … Alright! OM1 it is then!
39) (Receptionist pops her head in) Your next patient is here, it’s a shade adjust, doctor said the shade was too light…
40) Beer


Thanks for reading! For more laughs at the expense of my sanity, stick with DentalTechTips!

For an actual shade taking TechTip,

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