Enter to Win an Ivocolor Starter Kit!



Welcome to DentalTechTips Giveaway, the place where you can win a featured product!

For our first giveaway we’ve teamed up with Ivoclar Vivadent North America to give away an free Ivocolor Starter Kit.


A HUGE thank you to Jason and the marketing team over at Ivoclar Vivadent North America for hooking us up!


Enter to Win an Ivocolor Starter Kit


  • Safaa Jabbar Hameed

    I do love Ivoclar products, and I am using Emax press, Emax Ceram, and Ivocap system in the lab and I am having nice beautiful results.

  • The most beautiful company ever, and I am very happy to use your products, which give me a feeling of happiness, as if I were the owner of the product and not the user. Thank you with all my heart.

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