Québec City (Québec), February 1, 2018 – Panthera Dental has announced that registration for the 2018 edition of their Mastercup competition has opened.

According to their website: The Panthera Master Cup is a contest open to any dental technician, dentist or denturist who wants to compete with the best. Knowledge and skills will be evaluated on a full upper and lower case that involves implant bars.

Contestants will be provided with a case and will need to complete it within a specific period of time. Each contestant will also need to document their work and include said documentation with their final submission. A jury of five people will then use a predetermined criteria list to evaluate all cases and select the winner.

Panthera’s Mastercup is presented In collaboration with :

LMT magazine  LMT magazine Starmann

Registration deadline is February 28, 2018. Only 10 participants will be selected and announced on March 5th.

Each contestant will receive a Montreal bar for the maxilla and a milled bar with 3 Novaloc attachments for the mandible, including instructions and a Stratos 100 articulator. The completed case must be submitted by May 31st.

For more details, visit www.pantheradental.com/mastercup or email mastercup@pantheradental.com.

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