Straumann Group and Zirkonzahn USA sign a cooperation agreement for the United States and Canada



Basel, 25 May 2018 – The Straumann Group and Zirkonzahn USA Inc. today announced that
they have signed an agreement to work together in the United States and Canada. The
collaboration will include co-development and co-marketing activities coupled with joint
symposia in the US for dental clinicians and technicians ( The aim
is to promote seamless digital workflow that seeks to maximize patient satisfaction and
treatment availability for a broader section of the population.

There are more than 34 million Americans who are edentulous in at least on one arch.1 While
more than 50% can afford treatment, the actual treatment rate is still very low – but is growing.

Marco Gadola, CEO Straumann Group stated: “We are delighted to collaborate with
Zirkonzahn in North America to create further growth opportunities in the CADCAM prosthetic
segment, supporting our strategic goal of delivering end-to-end digital solutions for full-arch
tooth replacement.”

Alessandro Cucchiaro, CEO of Zirkonzahn USA, said: “By adding our expertise to the
collaboration, we will provide leading-edge technology to American and Canadian customers,
enabling them to offer the best possible solutions for patients.”

About Straumann
The Straumann Group (SIX: STMN) is a global leader in tooth replacement and orthodontic solutions that restore
smiles and confidence. It unites global and international brands that stand for excellence, innovation and quality in
replacement, corrective and digital dentistry, including Straumann, Neodent, Medentika, ClearCorrect, Dental
Wings, and other fully/partly owned companies and partners. In collaboration with leading clinics, institutes and
universities, the Group researches, develops, manufactures and supplies dental implants, instruments, CADCAM
prosthetics, biomaterials and digital solutions for use in tooth replacement and restoration or to prevent tooth loss.
Headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, the Group employs more than 5000 people worldwide and its products,
solutions and services are available in more than 100 countries through a broad network of distribution subsidiaries
and partners.

About Zirkonzahn USA
Headquartered in Norcross, GA, Zirkonzahn USA Inc. has been the US distributor of Zirkonzahn since 2007.
Zirkonzahn is one of the world’s leading suppliers of CADCAM-based solutions for prosthodontics and dental
prosthetics. Built on the core values of innovation, trust, responsibility and discipline, Zirkonzahn was founded in
2005 by the renowned dental technician Enrico Steger, who leads the company together with his son Julian. With
its proprietary dental products and technologies, Zirkonzahn is regarded as a driver of invention and innovation in
the industry. The product portfolio is geared to quality and is only sold to customers with high-end requirements. In
addition, loyal customers benefit from an exceptional education program in dedicated Zirkonzahn training centers.
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